Your 2014 Home Decor Makeover: Revamping Your Office Space

Many of us would love to work from the comfort of our homes, snuggled in our favorite pair of pajamas, avoiding the troubles of the outside world. Imagine listening to the music you want without side eyes from your boss as they overhear Tupac’s resonating passion seeping out of your headphones. That would be the life. Sadly, this isn’t always an option. However, whether your main office is your house, apartment or a cubicle, we’ve got a few items to make your work space feel a lot more like home.


1. Install a Chic Storage Unit

Tuck away your important papers and files in decorative storage. It keeps everything in an area where it can easily be located and it looks great. Choose a large storage piece like the chic EXPEDIT Shelving Unit ($89.99) to store smaller boxes and decorative pieces.

2. Add More Fun Decor

You have the storage capability and now it is time to fill up that thang! This is where the perks of having a workspace come in. Show off your personality with your unique decorations. Adorning this space with personal keepsakes or accessory items that you find during your next Target rendezvous like pieces from the Cute Critter Collection ($4.98 to $42.49) will keep you inspired and focused.

3.  Pop in a Statement Lighting Fixture

Awaken your workspace and your energy with a lighting fixture that you enjoy viewing. When you aren’t forced to use office fluorescents, the possibilities are endless. Add flavor to your workspace with the brightly colored Nook Glass Table Vessel Lamp ($99.00.)

4. Upgrade Your Office Chair

When considering a chair for your home office you are allowed (and encouraged) to stray away from the typical task chair. You want to find something that is comfortable for long periods of time and looks great in the space when your home office is not being used. The Yellow Floral Charlotte Chair ($195.49) adds the perfect touch of inspiration needed in a workspace. Its whimsical design and inviting arms make it the ideal chair.

5. Get a “Non-desk” Desk

Writing slumped over in your bed – what I am doing right now – is not good for your body and may will eventually cause you discomfort. “How Can I Ease The Pain?” you ask? By buying a piece like the Josephine Desk ($159.99.) It is sleek and will likely mesh well with your existing decor.

6. Display Your Reminders and Goals

I am a believer in wish boards, lists, and reminders of the big picture/end goal. Now I am not saying go all Mary Jane on your workspace, but it is important to have a visual reminder of your goals and daily tasks. The Corkboard Map ($29.75) is a unique bulletin board that allows you to design your own world. Not only will it keep you on track it can also motivate you to become more of a world traveler!

7.     Brighten Up Your Office Accessories

Your desktop accessories don’t have to be dull and boring. In fact, having items that you enjoy looking at and that reflect your personality will help with productivity. An Acrylic Desktop Dock ($24.00) can accommodate your smaller business items and look great at the same time!

8.  Add a Workspace Workout Plan

That’s right, put in work! Ergonomic specialist suggest that you get up and move around during the work day. On those deadline days where you are attached to your desk, make sure to take exercise breaks to maintain your sanity. Purchase small workout equipment in your favorite color like Valeo Hand Weights ($15.78.) Adding a healthy exercise break to your work day can help you maintain creativity and who knows, after getting in some reps you might be able to pull you a rapper, a NBA player… or at least a dude with a car!

Vanessa Wells, is a NYC comprehensive interior designer for Rodney Lawrence, Inc as well as her freelance company rouz design.


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