ZJchao Large Big Number Jumbo LED Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Clock Countdown Desk Clock with Remote (Blue, 6-digit)

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  • This LED clock is large and easy to see from quite a distance; Come with remote
  • Crystal clear and easy-to-read blue/green/red/white numbers and letters stand out against a black background, providing very good contrast especially at night
  • The concept is very good since it uses LED technology which can save energy, reduce maintenance costs
  • This clock is also helpful for older people or people with low vision. Besides the 4-color display, it is also available in 2 versions: 4 -digit verison (just displays hour and minute) and 6 - digit version (displays hour /minute / second) for you to choose.
  • It can be used as a table/desk clock, but also can be hung to act as a wall clock.

Product Description

The style of this clock is fashionable and innovative. People,especially,young people love it.
Energy saving and kind to the environment:
No sound is generated: one LED on each dot,the light is very soft
No heat generated,the power consumption is less than 1.5 kWh per month
There is no radiation with an LCD clock it must be positioned carefully with it's back against the light as it is not very easily visible with light shining on the face

Used in: Room, Home, Bedroom, Living Room, School, Meeting Room, Office, Factory, Classroom,Coffce House, Hotel, Motoel, Sports, Games and so on

How to use: Use the adapter connect to the AC/DC electric power(NOTICE: the battery cell(CR2032) only used as backup time, not for display!!!)

Where to set: Put on anywhere plat or put on wall

Notice for use:
1. Before use it, please put a battery cell into the battery hole which on the back of the clock, that could keep the time accurate.
2. Time could not back up: a. battery cell is out of power and need to change. b. battery is not inside.
3. Some of the led light is not work: Get a little stick and infix to the RESET hole which on the back of the clock for 10 seconds, until the clock shows: 88:88 or 00:00:00. If the problems still exiting, please contact our customer service.
4. The remote can work ONLY when the switch is normal and alarm is on.

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