Wake Up Light 2017 Newest Version Wake-Up Light Colored Sunrise Alarm Clock with Smart Snooze Function, Nature Sounds, FM Radio – Touch Control with USB Charger

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  • NEW SMART SNOOZE MODE: 30 minutes before your alarm time, wakeup light gradually brighten from 10% of brightness to 100% and gently bring you out of a deep sleep. During wake-up sound playing, activate Snooze Mode, wake up sound will play again after 5 minutes and last for 2 minutes, giving you an extra 5 minutes of sleep
  • UPGRADED TOUCH CONTROL: Touch to adjust Snooze, Sunset Simulation, Natural Sounds, FM Radio and Time Display Brightness easily
  • ALARM CLOCK & BESIDE LAMP & SUNSET SIMULATION: A soothing, gradual sunrise simulation wakeup alarm with nature yellow light and nature sound, or fall asleep with sunset simulation sleep light at night
  • 7 COLORS & 10 LIGHT BRIGHTNESS: Wakeup alarm has multiple colors including warm white,green, red, blue, purple, yellow and indigo light, or works as warm white LED light with 10 brightness settings
  • 6 NATURAL SOUNDS & FM Radio & 15 level of sound volume: No more weird songs or noises startle you awake,choose to wake you up with natural and calming wake-up sounds like forest, birds, ducks, water and waves so on

Product Description

2017 Upgraded Version Wakeup Alarm New Features: SNOOZE, SUNSET and Time Display brightness adjustment function
Having a trouble waking up? Need an alarm clock help an issue of over sleeping and not being late for work?
Vimicy sunrise simulation alarm clock help you wake up gradually with natural light and natural sounds,
giving you a relaxing mood in the morning. It could also use as bedside lamp, atmosphere lamp, alarm clock and FM radio.

1. Sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually with natural soft light;
2. LED living color light in two ways: change color automatically or touch the color key to choose your favorite color;
3. Digital display in 12/24 H mode;
4. Six natural sounds and FM radio can be selected as alarm sound;
5. Built-in 9 warm white 0.2W LED light and 9 RGB 0.3W LED light, Produce upto 100lm lux;
6. [New]
Adjustable Alarm Volume - 15 levels, adjust volume to zero if you prefer to wake up with the light
7. [New]
Adjutable Time Light - The time display can be set on dim, bright mode or OFF

Important Note: How to choose nature sound
When you press the music button ♫ on the back, you will see that the screen will change from "time display" to "1" by default,
which means light enters sound setting mode, you can change the sound by touching '+' or '-' on the front panel,
after choosing your favorite nature sound, Pease remenber to press the ♫ button again so as to save the setting.

-Product Dimensions :70mmX150mmX86mm/2.8x5.9x3.4 inchs
-Weight :235g
-Adapter:Input:100-240VAC; Output: 50-60HZ 0.3A MAX
-Materials : ABS plastic

Package Included:
1 x Sunrise Alarm Clock
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Adapter

Product Detail

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