German Cuckoo Clock 1-day-movement Chalet-Style 12.00 inch – Authentic black forest cuckoo clock by Hekas

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  • Made in Germany / Warranty: 2 years
  • 100% authentic black forest cuckoo clock
  • included: certificate of authenticity by the black forest clock association
  • Premium cuckoo clock by Hekas
  • Height/Width: 12/13 inch

Product Description

31-36-22 Built to resemble an Apline chalet, the Chalet-Style 30 cm cuckoo clock by German clock maker Hekas features a two-level layout with the clock face on the first level. A moving mill wheel on the left side is balanced by two figurines on the right side seated at a table with each character holding a stein. The second level, constructed as a balcony, contains more moving figurines. A cuckoo is located just under the eaves at the roof peak. A selection of 22 tunes by Reuge Schweiz plays every half hour and on the hour. It has a manual nighttime shut off. It weighs 11 pounds and is 12 inches by 13 inches. The clock comes with a statement and seal of authenticity from the Black Forest Clock Association. German-made Black Forest cuckoo clocks are the premier example of this kind of clock workmanship. Traditional Black Forest clocks are completely mechanical. No electricity is needed. Everything is driven by weights, often evergreen cone shaped, that gently pull driving wheels inside the clock. Even the sound of the cuckoo bird is generated mechanically. A set of bellows pushes air through a whistle to make the distinctive sound. Traditional clocks that play melodies also rely on mechanical work to play. Small music boxes play the clocks’ tunes. The hand-carved dancing figurines turn or perform other actions when the music plays. Most Black Forest clocks are eight-day movement or one-day movement. The 8-day clocks require the weights be reset once a week. The one-day clocks generally need resetting daily.

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